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Stretching Strap Yoga Strap for Physical Therapy


Make flexibility your goal.

Are you just starting yoga or finding a few new poses difficult to manage? Is stretching for general exercise proving difficult? Investing in a stretching yoga strap may help you achieve new flexibility and reduce discomfort.

Designed to help you enhance your stretching actions and to achieve more demanding postures, this simple strap can make up to ten different loops. 75 inches in length (and one inch in width), this strong, durable accessory will withstand years of straining and stretching. Its reinforced stitching won’t ever break or fray apart.

For sport or casual yoga, a stretching strap will help you to warm up and cool down to help prevent soreness and injury. You can even use this strap to prepare for a run, a quick jog, or a brisk walk. It’s perfect for all age groups and people of all activity levels.

A bonus is that you can add a yoga strap to your existing workouts, routines, and even a recovery plan. You may use a stretching strap, for example, to help ease your muscles after injury or surgery (always consult a professional). 

For maximum flexibility - and to reduce the possibility of injury - a strong, versatile stretching strap is a must-buy.

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